New year quiz

Happy new year.

I pray you achieve your dreams and more in 2014.

This week’s quiz is ready for you. I tried to make it harder a bit. Not really harder but more of questions you cannot really get quick answers from google.

We know the rules. The first 10 correct answers will get N10,000 each. Do not post your answer as a reply to another person’s post. It will be invalid. Please use your real names to post.

So here are the questions.

Question 1
Which of these websites do Nigerians visit most?,,,,

Question 2
Which player won the most valuable player at the 1998 world cup hosted and won by France
Ronaldo de Lima, Zinedine Zidane, Thiery Henry, Roberto Carlos

Question 3
What is wrong with this picture?

Question 4
What is wrong with this picture?

Question 5
What is the name of my wife?

Oya. Let the answers roll in.