New NairaBET Website: Frequetly Asked Questions

NairaBET currently migrated to a new software. The reason for doing this is to serve our customers better and to bring them a betting experience compared to the best in the world.

Since the migration a few days ago, quite a few customers have faced some issues and they have some questions. I have compiled the questions together and I want to address them here.

Question 1: I can no longer log into my account. It says I have been blocked. Why is that happening and what do I do?

Answer: Some customers can no longer log in for two reasons. The first reason is that those that had “weak” passwords were not migrated automatically. Some members had simple passwords like “michael” but the new platform requires a more secured password. Please reset your password. The second is some accounts were closed. One of the reasons some accounts were closed is because some  accounts were registered with ages less than 18 years. Another reason is accounts that were dormant for a long time were also closed, and so on. If you are affected, please call our customer care line on 070062472238

Question 2: I use Opera Mini and UC Browser, NairaBET is not displaying.

Answer: NairaBET works perfectly with both Opera Mini and UC Browser as the image below shows. However, it has been brought to our notice that those that use very old versions of Opera Mini and UC Browsers cannot access the site. Kindly upgrade to the latest version of your browser and you will gain instant access.



Question 3: What will happen to our balances on the old platform?

Answer: All balances have been moved to the new platform. Just log into your NairaBET account and you will see your balance normally. In the unlikely event that your balance is not reflecting please call our customer care line on 070062472238

Question 4: How do I view my bet history?

Answer: You can view your bet history at

Question 5: Where can I book a bet?

Answer: You can book a bet at


Question 6: Is there any new feature on the new NairaBET?

Answer: Plenty. One is Cash Out. Cash out means you can make money from a bet before the game finishes. It
doesn’t matter if the team you chose is winning or losing. If you place a live bet (In-Play), you can decide to cash your money any time during the game. For example if you choose a team to win and the team is winning and
you don’t want to wait till the end of the game, NairaBET will offer you money to cash out.

The amount will be changing as the game goes on. On the other hand, if the team is losing and you have 10 minutes to go, NairaBET will offer you some money as compensation. For Pre Match, if you have an accumulator and some
games have won and you are afraid one team will spoil it, you can cash out your winnings. Please note that cash out works for football only.

Question 7: Any other feature?

There are more. One is Asian Handicap. Nigerians are used to the normal handicap but this is new and nice. They are similar but different. With Asian Handicap, a refund is given when the handicap ends in a draw. You can read more at

Question 8: