FREE Small Business Big Money Seminar

Are you interested in learning some hard hitting but very profitable business lessons from me?

If you answered yes to that then you are in luck because I will be hosting the first edition of my new series based on my book. It is called Small Business Big Money Seminar Series.



The first one is FREE.

It will hold on Wednesday, August 9, 2017.

I will be sharing with the audience all the lessons I shared in the book. Also, every single attendee will be given the chance to directly ask me any question bothering them about making money both online and offline.

I will be signing the books of all the attendees as well and you will get the chance to meet some of the brightest minds when it comes to the running of small business in Nigeria.

My seminar room can contain only a maximum of 100 people. Because this seminar is FREE, a lot of people will want to come so I have put some restrictions in place.

Condition 1: You must register by sending a text message to 08123228868 with your full names. If your name is not on the list, you will be denied entry.

Condition 2: You must come with a copy of my book, Small Business Big Money. Come to think of it. How do we discuss the lessons in the book without the book? It makes sense that you should bring your copy.

If you currently do not have a copy, you can see how you can buy one on this link or you can wait till the day and buy it at my office.

The venue is NairaBET HQ (You can just Google NairaBET HQ), 22, Isaac Aluko Olokun, Igbo Efon, off Lekki Epe Experessway. The turning is after Igbo Efon but before Chevron. It is behind Knauf Building. You can call that number that day if you are finding it difficult locate it. We will be starting at 10am.

So that’s it.

See you on Wednesday.