Are you a branding expert?

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If you are good at and have an experience in branding and creating branding guidelines? I just might have something for you.

You see, I just invested in a business with quite a few retail outlets all over Nigeria and I want to re-work the brand. I do not like what they currently have.

Anyway, here are the kinds of things I’m looking for.

Creation of a brand guideline document which should cover logo design, font, colours and size dimensions

Logo format: Guidelines for how the logo should appear in different situations. For instance, in a store front, in print or promotional flyers, on souvenirs etc

Store consistency: Guidelines on how to maintain brand identity in all stores despite differences in sizes, location and stock.

If you think you can do this and you want us to work together on something exciting, please send me an email to

In the email, please tell us about yourself and what you have done with/for other brands. We will reply all emails.



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